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Battles of the Napoleon Bonaparte Era

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Battle of the Pyramids (Egypt)


Napoléon Bonaparte


20 000 soldiers

Murad Bey
(Ottoman Empire / Mamluks)

21 000 Mamluks





Wojciech Kossak (1896), Battle of the Pyramids

Wojciech Kossak (1896), Battle of the Pyramids (Public Domain)



Battle of Trafalgar


Pierre de Villeneuve / Federico Gravina

France : 26 ships

Spain : 15 ships

Horatio Nelson

United Kingdom

33 ships

United Kingdom

Battle of Trafalgar (October 21, 1805)

Public Domain Image (expired copyright)



Battle of Austerlitz


Empereur Napoléon 1er


65 000 soldiers

Francis II / Alexander I

Austria and Russia

83 000 soldiers


Battle of Austerlitz, December 1st 1805 at 18:00

Battle of Austerlitz, December 2nd 1805 at 09:00

Battle of Austerlitz, December 2nd 1805 at 14:00

Maps Courtesy of the Department of History, United States Military Academy (Public Domain)





Battle of Jena-Auerstedt


Empereur Napoléon 1er / Louis Nicolas Davout


Jena : 60 000 soldiers

Auerstedt : 27 000 soldiers


General Friedrich Hohenloe /
Duke of Brunswick /
Gebhard von Blücher



Jena : 90 000 soldiers

Auerstedt : 53 000 soldiers



Horace Vernet (1789-1863), The Battle of Jena, Won by Napoleon

Horace Vernet (1789-1863), The Battle of Jena, Won by Napoleon, Musée de Versailles (Public Domain)





Battle of Leipzig


Empereur Napoléon 1er


195 000 soldiers

Austria, Prussia, Russia,
Saxony, Sweden

430 000 soldiers

Austrian, Prussian, Russian, Saxon and Swedish Allies


October 16th, 1813

Battle of Leipzig on October 16th, 1813


October 18th, 1813

Battle of Leipzig on October 18th, 1813

Source: Maps by Andrei Nacu (released into the public domain)



Battle of Waterloo (Belgium)


Empereur Napoléon 1er


74 000 soldiers


Duke of Wellington

England and Prussia

95 503 soldiers


England and Prussia

Battle of Waterloo (June 18, 1815)

Source: Map by Ipankonin (released into the public domain)


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