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Battles of the Middle Ages

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Battle of Tours



Charles Martel / Eudes d'Aquitaine

(15 000 - 30 000 Franks)


Abd el Rahman


(20 000 - 60 000 Muslims)



Charles de Steuben, Bataille de Poitiers (732)

Charles de Steuben, Bataille de Poitiers, oil on canvas painted circa 1834 -1837 (Musée du Château de Versailles, France / Public Domain).





Battle of Hastings



William of Normandy

8 000 Normans supported by Bretons, Flemings and French


Harold Godwinson

Circa 8 000 Anglo-Saxons



Death of King Harold / La mort du roi Harold

Fragment of the tapestry of Bayeux, which shows the death of King Harold / La mort du roi Harold (Public Domain).





Battle of Bouvines



Philip Augustus (25 000 men)



John Lackland (England)

Otto IV (Germany)

Ferrand de Flandre (Flandre)

= 40 000 men


Philip Augustus


Horace Vernet, La bataille de Bouvines gagn�e par Philippe Auguste

Horace Vernet (1789-1863), Bataille de Bouvines gagnée par Philippe Auguste (Public Domain).


Battle of Crécy



Edward III (England)

12 000 soldiers including 7 000 archers



36 000 soldiers



Battle of Cr�cy / La bataille de Cr�cy (26-08-1346)

Source: History Department at the United States Military Academy (Public Domain).




Battle of Poitiers


Edward, the Black Prince (England)

John II (France)



Prior to the Battle of Poitiers / Manoeuvres pr�alables � la bataille de Poitiers (13-19 Sept. 1356)

Battle of Poitiers / Bataille de Poitiers (19 Sept. 1356)

Source: History Department at the United States Military Academy (Public Domain).





Battle of Grunwald


Wladyslaw Jagiello and Vytautas the Great (Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania)

39 000 men


Ulrich von Jungingen (Teutonic Order)

27 000 men

Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania


Jan Matejko, Battle of Grunwald

Jan Matejko (1838-1893), Battle of Grunwald (Public Domain).



Battle of Agincourt


Henry V of England

10 000 soldiers


Charles VI of France

30 000 soldiers



Battle of Agincourt / Bataille d'Azincourt

Source: Released in the Public Domain by its author, Andrei Nacu (Wikipedia Project).


1428 - 1429

Siege of Orléans

England starts the Siege in October 1428


Saint Joan of Arc allows the English to withdraw from Orl�ans and retreat to Meung on the 8th of May 1429



Lenepveu, Jeanne d'Arc au si�ge d'Orl�ans

Jules Eugène Lenepveu (painted circa 1886-1890), Jeanne d'Arc au siège d'Orléans (Public Domain).




The Siege of Constantinople


Mehmet II

100 000 - 200 000 Ottomans

126 ships


Emperor Constantine XI

10 000 Byzantines and 26 ships


Ottoman Sultanate

Zonaro, Mehmet II conquering Constantinople

Fausto Zonaro (1854-1929), Mehmet II conquering Constantinople (Public Domain).


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